A local face with exceptional technology firepower

We deliver using a near shore technology model. 

Put simply, all of our client facing work, legal, accounting and interaction takes place locally.  Many of our clients aren't even aware most of our staff are offshore.

The local team is comprised of key consultants, project managers and a small number of coders.  If we need technical skills with the ability to instantly react, we have them available, but the bulk of our coding is done offshore.

A key advantage of this model is provided that the team are experienced, we can deliver a significantly broader set of technology services, but using the same "front of house" staff.

Over time our development centres have included Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad . As well as the cost benefits, we are working with development teams who are servicing global clients, giving us a global technology view.

This is all underpinned by strong relationships, process and quality assurance steps.  Our original partner Prakash and his company, WebSource Technologies, no longer code for us but are our partners in the travel domain (see .  However they play an essential, on the ground quality assurance service for us on an Indian time zone, speaking English, Marathi and Hindi.

Twelve years off offshore development utilising this model means we can deliver just about any technology solution using class leading programmers at rates which are regularly two-thirds of local rates.